Why Does My Cat Sleep Like That? A Guide to Cat Sleeping Positions

Did you know that the position your cat sleeps can tell you a lot about their health and how they feel about you? Cats are adorable pets and watching them sleep has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

However, if you have noticed that your cat has suddenly started sleeping in a different position or in a different location, it could be a sign that they are sick or hurt. Usually though, sleeping with a cat can indicate that they are comfortable around you or want to protect you.

Our Webster, TX, animal hospital has listed below 8 cat sleeping positions and what they mean.

How Much Do Cats Sleep?

cat sleeping positions webster, tx

Cats sleep most of the day. Since cats are sleeping constantly, their sleep patterns can tell you a lot about their health as well as how they view the world. Cats can sleep up to 18 hours a day, more as they grow older. Kittens have a lot more energy than adult cats and will wake up with zoomies.

8 Cat Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

Listed below are eight sleeping positions and what they mean for your cat.


Cats will sleep in a loaf shape where they look like a loaf of bread when they feel relaxed and comfortable. In this position, cats sleep with their front paws curled into their bodies and their head resting up. This position is perfect for cats that want to increase body heat while also protecting their internal organs. In any second, cats can spring from their sleep and attack if they are in danger.

Side Sleep

Some cats will choose to sleep on their sides with their legs stretched out. Just like sleeping on their backs, cats protect their internal organs while side sleeping. In other words, your cat is very comfortable being around you if they can sleep on their side.

Perched and High Positions

Not all cats feel comfortable around their owners. For example, if your cat only sleeps when they are perched up high in higher positions, this is a sign that they do not trust you or their environment. As they sleep perched, they can see everything from a high vantage point. This is to protect them from potential predators as well as unfamiliar visitors.

Superman Stretch

A favorite position amongst many cat owners is a Superman stretch. When cats sleep in a Superman stretch, they are stretching their front legs forward and their back legs backwards. They look like they are Superman flying in the air. This is a very relaxed position and usually they are lying on something warm like their favorite blanket or next to you.

Next to You

It is a special feeling when your cat has decided to trust you and sleep right next to you. However just because your cat is sleeping next to you does not mean that there is a tight bond. If your cat is sleeping next to you, it is because they are starting to get comfortable around you.

On Your Chest

Possibly the best feeling in the world is watching your cat bond to your chest. If they choose to sleep on your chest, it is because they are comfortable and affectionate with you. This is usually when they want affection. It is a good technique to bond with your cat while they sleep on your chest to pet them lightly.

cat sleeping by feet

By Your Feet

When cats start to trust their owners and also feel cold, they will sleep by your feet. Just like how you get warm from their feet they get warmth from you. However, cats still have enough room to escape and run away if they sense danger or discomfort.

In a Box

Cats sleeping in boxes is super cute but there is a reason they choose to sleep in a secure box. Cats sleep well in a box when they want to hide or when they want to have a sense of security. Cats will fit into a box that seems small seeking security because they like the feeling of being surrounded by a structure.

There Are Reasons Behind Cat Sleeping Positions

All in all, there are many sleeping positions that cats enjoy. As cute as these are, there are reasons behind each position. Sometimes, it can indicate that they are sick, while other times it is a sign they are happy and trust you.

If you have any other questions about cat sleeping positions, or if it’s time for a vet visit for your feline, give our Webster, TX, animal hospital a call at (281) 486-1509

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