Dog Training

Canine Obedience Training for Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

We’re pleased to offer dog training services here in Webster via our technician-turned-certified-dog-trainer, Nathan Mesloh. Nathan joined Advanced Pet Care of Clear Lake in 2013 as a kennel and veterinary technician, but his goal to become a trainer started in 2010 when his own dog, Shadow, began to display alarming aggression and resource-guarding. Nathan enrolled Shadow in obedience training and was amazed by the significant improvements in his pet’s behavior. This inspired him to pursue dog training as a career path so that he could help other pet owners maintain loving relationships with their dogs.

Nathan utilizes a variety of approaches, such as group training, one-on-one training, and board and train programs that are customized according to your pet’s individual needs. His goal is to see every one of his canine pupils become happier, more well-behaved companions for their families.

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As of 2016, Nathan is officially a Certified Canine Training Specialist. For more details about his classes and class times or to schedule a consultation, contact Nathan at (281) 486-1509

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