Veterinarian & Animal Hospital for League City, TX, Pets

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-term client, you and your pet will be welcomed as family and treated with compassionate care and respect. Conveniently located directly off state State Hwy. 3 and just minutes from League City, TX, we provide a wide variety of outstanding animal care services tailored to your pet’s every need.

Call us at (281) 486-1509 to begin your pet’s comprehensive health care plan!

What Makes League City, TX, a Great Home for Pets

League City, TX, has lots of activities for you and your dog to participate in, including several dog parks, like Bark Park at Countryside. After a fun-filled day, enjoy a breather and a bite and one of many nearby dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, and grills

Do you have friends and family that are also pet parents that are wanting to visit? Have them check out the nearby pet-friendly hotels they can stay at with their best friend. 

Our Animal Hospital is a Cat Friendly Practice

Cats are especially sensitive to new places and people, but we believe that shouldn’t stop them from visiting us. As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, we’ve taken extra measures to increase cats’ comfort at our animal hospital. Team members trained on feline behavior use gentle handling techniques, soft voices and lots of patience.

Furthermore, we use a separate waiting area for cats and dogs, soothing feline pheromones, and work to isolate cats in exam rooms as quickly as possible among other things. As a result, we hope to see you and your cat more often. Cats are adept at hiding illness or discomfort but that doesn’t mean they don’t need annual care. 

Our Veterinary Services

Some of the veterinary services we offer to the pet families of League City, TX include:

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We Love Our Community

We’re proud to be active in the community that has given so much to us. We work with area schools and non-profits to improve the lives of pets and humans.

As with veterinary medicine, helping out our community is very important to us and  something we truly enjoy doing.

Our Veterinarian is Here to Help Your League City, TX, Pets

We can’t wait to meet you and your League City, TX, pet soon! To schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions, feel free to give our animal hospital a call at (281) 486-1509

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