Veterinarian & Animal Hospital for Houston, TX, Pets

Since 1984, our family-owned animal hospital has made caring for people and their pets with warmth and compassion its primary goal. Advanced Pet Care of Clear Lake offers full-service veterinary medicine with a gentle touch and the most advanced technology in the field.

More important, we treat every dog and cat as the individual they are, with their own unique needs. Like you, our veterinarian near Houston sees them as beloved family members, who deserve the very best care we can give. Call us at (281) 486-1509 to make an appointment today.

What Makes Houston, TX, the Best Place for Pets to Live 

Houston, TX, is full of fun and adventure for you and your pets! There are many dog-friendly parks to roam around with your best friend. After some exploration and exercise, check of one of the hundreds of dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, breweries, taverns, grills, and cantinas Houston has to offer. 

Certainly with all that Houston has to offer, your family and friends will be in to visit you. There are lots of pet-friendly hotels to them to plan their stay at. 

Our Animal Hospital is Cat Friendly

Did you know that our practice is Certified Cat Friendly? That means our team, and our hospital as a whole, offers its feline patients an experience centered around their needs and making them feel comfortable. From artificial feline pheromones to treats and soft blankets, we do everything we can to put cats more at ease when they’re visiting us.

Our Veterinary Services

A long, healthy life requires routine checkups and a variety of other services to keep your pet healthy. The services we offer to the pet families of Houston, TX include:

veterinarian animal hospital houston tx

We Love Our Community

Advanced Pet Care of Clear Lake is highly active in the community that has given it so much. We are extremely proud to be involved with area schools and non-profits to improve the lives of dogs, cats, and humans in the region. As with veterinary medicine, community outreach is close to our hearts and something we truly enjoy doing.

Our Animal Hospital is Here to Help Your Houston, TX, Pets

We look forward to meeting you and your Houston, TX, pet soon! To schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions, feel free to give our animal hospital a call at (281) 486-1509

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